Opening the .NET MF 3.0 kimono

It’s official – the .NET Micro Framework Team Blog has the list of the new features in V3.0 of the .NET Micro Framework.

There will be a public beta later in the “Summer” (or Winter for those of you who live in the same half of the world as I do!). 

We will be working to get as many of these feaures working on Tahoe as we can, and you can help!  Let us know which features are important to you and why!  Leave a comment below, or sign up to beta test new features when they are released. 

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Top 5 for us are:

1. WiFi (connectivity is important!)
2. Touchscreen (good UI and user experience is also important!)
3. File System (access to larger flash memory)
4. Fonts
5. Interop

The top 5 new features listed in order of priority I would like Tahoe support for are:
1. VS2008
2. Interop
3. Fonts
4. Emulator and diag enhancements
5. File system

Well, I think the most important feature will be the support of WIFI. Because the .net micro framework is a great plattform to develop connected systems but with the current available wireless support via OEM modules (Zigbee and so on) it is a painfull job to add a wireless connection, but with support for Wireless LAN, it will be able to integrate the .net micro framework in nearly every system.