Announcing the Topaz SO-DIMM module


Meet the latest addition to the device solutions module family: the Topaz i.MX25 CPU module in a plug-in, 200-pin SO-DIMM form factor.

This is the same circuit as the surface-mount version, so transitioning a design from one to the other is easy.

It also has the same world-class operating system support for Windows Embedded CE from GuruCE and Linux from Trygtech.

The new form-factor offers excellent flexibility for prototyping new designs, and makes production easier – especially for low-volume products. The surface-mount module is still available and ideal for applications that need a low profile module, or operate in high-vibration environments.

The Topaz web page has all the details including an updated Technical Reference Manual and schematic library symbols.

Contact us for samples – they are in stock now!

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